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J-Rock star Beniko Fumiko banned from Japanese territory after multiple attempted burglaries

Japanese police responded to a call at 3:31AM yesterday night and found none other than Beniko Fumiko standing outside a house holding bolt cutters and a “lock picking for dummies” book. He was immediately arrested on the scene and taken into custody.

While in the police station, CCTV footage shows that Beniko repeatedly lashed out at police officers, often taunting them with his fame and fortune.

Police later learned that this was not the first time Beniko had tried to break into a property; just last week he tried to break his way into a popular café in his hometown of Taito, intending to steal one of their microwaves for his band’s new tour bus. Due to his numerous previous burglary attempts, he was banned from any Japanese territory for 3 months and was ordered to pay ¥450000 (approx. $4000) in damages.

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