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Donald Trump Builds Golf Course In Hokkaido To Hide From Illegal Mexicans

HOKKAIDO — American president Donald Trump is known worldwide for his unique ruling of the United States. One of the major points Mr. Trump has been focusing on during his presidency is keeping illegal immigrants out of America. However, these spicy-food lovers can’t contain themselves in Mexico, and have chased President Trump all the way to Hokkaido, where he has built his very own golf course.

“It was a very odd choice for the president of America to make another golf course in Hokkaido, especially since he already owns a golf course in Scotland. However, Mr. Trump is welcome in Japan.”

– Shinzo Abe, President of Japan

Abe is welcoming of Mr. Trump, as you can see. However, as per usual, Trump has a response to the “Go to Scotland you fat bastard” trend:

“Scotland is filled with horrible people who don’t support #MAGA. Sad!”

– Donald Trump on Twitter (@realDonaldTrump)

Since this news has broken out, the illegal Mexicans have threatened to swim all the way to Hokkaido. Will President Trump do anything about these claims? We shall see at a later point.

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