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Anime Producers Finally Running Out Of Ideas

“This is a sad day for all anime lovers.”

– Gen Fukunaga, CEO of Funimation

For quite a few decades, anime has grown from a niche animation style in Japan, to a worldwide phenomenon. However, the boys in Japan are running out of ideas for the next anime.

“We’ve tried everything; gay characters with Yuri on Ice, hell, even reverse traps with Ouran High School Host Club! We’ve done it all! WHAT IS THERE LEFT?”

– K. Vijaykumar, CEO of SUN-TV (producers of Yuri on Ice)

As you can see, even SUN-TV is concerned about the anime shortages. However, this doesn’t only affect Japan. American company Funimation, who distributes anime all across the United States of America, is also affected, along with Crunchyroll and Netflix, who both air anime in the US and other territories.

“This’ll dramatically impact our stock.”

– Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix

The general public is very curious about how the Japanese anime producers will fix this crisis.

As for me, I have an idea for an anime.

Make an anime where the protagonist, Johnny Boy, goes to an arcade and plays Dance Dance Revolution and Beatmania. Whichever studio pays me the most money the quickest will get the rights.

Except you, SUN-TV. I hate Yuri on Ice.

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