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Popular J-Pop band on indefinite hiatus after a trampoline accident during lockdown party

SHIBUYA CITY—There is no doubt that the Coronavirus crisis has been a struggle for everyone across the globe. However, a saddening incident in the luxurious garden of one of J-Pop’s biggest stars may leave you feeling lucky.

The tragic event takes place during a low-key party during the strict Japanese lockdown. Ebina Inejiro—bass guitarist and maraca player of the hit boyband ‘Eternal’—stepped onto the trampoline of his bandmate Momoi for the final time. He is reported to have jumped a few times, but after performing a spectacularly impressive mid-air spin, he butchered the landing. Eyewitnesses have stated that they heard him cry out in agony, clutching his ankle. After a call to the emergency services, he was assessed on-site by a paramedic, where he was then diagnosed with a sprained ankle and told to avoid any vigorous activity for a while.

This is what a trampoline looks like.

Mr Inejiro told the media:

I am never going to step on another trampoline ever again. This has been a traumatic experience. I may have been intoxicated at the time, yet I still take great pride in my trampoline skills and as a result I will be taking some time off to reconsider what this means.

Mr Inejiro, speaking to JPTNA News

In solidarity with their friend, other members of the thirty-strong band have decided to cease musical activity to nurse their injured colleague.

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