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WeebHole Staff Released Following Detainment

FUCHŪ PRISON, WEST TOKYO—Journalists at WeebHole have been released following an extended stay at Japan’s largest prison.

The journalists, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were detained at Haneda Airport in July 2021 following accusations that the information published on the WeebHole site was not factual.

After a year of no posts, readers became concerned and began questioning the authenticity of the newsblog and its content. Far-left conspiracy theories began to emerge that no published story was legitimate, since no other sources could verify key information. Other outlets argued that mainstream rebuttal was stifling free-speech and that going ”against the grain’ does not necessarily mean that the information is untrue.

Presenter Alex Jones, known for his work at Infowars, was reported to have told local news agencies:
“I think it’s insufferable that tiny countries like Japan think that it is acceptable in the free world of America to censor facts. I stand behind WeebHole and banish their haters.

“Like the LGBTQABCD+ leftist anti-freedom woke mob that attacks Infowars, the Japanese Government have been trying to silence negativity towards their country and its people.”

“The Japanese Government have been trying to silence negativity towards their country and its people.”

Alex Jones

Weeaboo Holdings, Inc. released the following statement about this matter:

“We confirm that every article published to WeebHole has been properly verified and fact-checked for accuracy. We do not publish fabricated content, despite the legal issues that the Japanese government have presented.”

Weeaboo Holdings, Inc.

NOTE: For journalistic integrity reasons, we feel we should mention that Weeaboo Holdings, Inc. is the parent company of WeebHole.

For the time being, however, we, the WeebHole staff, shall continue keeping you up to date on the latest in Japan and Japanese culture, as we have always aspired to do. Certain staff are residing in secure locations to prevent any further issues as of now.

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