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Teenage Girl Fantasizes About Midoriya And Bakugo From “My Hero Academia” As A Couple For The 23rd Time Today

PORTLAND, OREGON, U.S.AMy Hero Academia is a very popular series of anime and manga, both in Japan and among weebs across the world. However, there are some weebs out there who take things more seriously than others.

Eighteen year old Emily Mendez, a Portland, Oregon native, fantasizes about two main characters from MHA, Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo having a sexual relationship with each other several times daily.

“Wouldn’t Bakudeku be so cute, though? Kawaii, even. I don’t know why the creators of Boku no Hero Academia haven’t made it official yet,” Ms. Mendez stated in an interview with WeebHole. Ms. Mendez has joined dozens of “Bakudeku” communities, namely a popular one on Discord named “bakudeku 💗 💦 🥵”.

A cropped screenshot of the Discord server that Mendez joined. Source: Emily Mendez

Mendez quickly became an administrator for this Discord community. She states that she rules “tough but fair,” banning anyone who disagrees with her views about Midoriya and Bakugo’s relationship.

WeebHole also managed to obtain an exclusive interview with the owner of this Discord server, who only provided their username, “BakudekuLover”.

BakudekuLover stated that Mendez “never stops fantasizing. It’s honestly so kawaii and so cute! :3″

There are over 100 members signed up to this Discord server, so Mendez and BakudekuLover aren’t the only ones who indulge in some interesting fantasies. At press time, Mendez was seen having her 25th Bakudeku fantasy.

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