About Us

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What is WeebHole?

We’re a weeb’s dream news source. Ran by weebs for weebs, we keep you up-to-date on everything to do with Japan.

Who runs WeebHole?

WeebHole is a side project ran by a few Melonz staff members.

Can I contact WeebHole?

Of course! You can say hello, inquire about business, apply to be a writer, etc if you Tweet or DM us on Twitter (@WeebHole) or email us at [email protected].

What runs WeebHole?

WeebHole runs Ghost with a snazzy looking news theme called "Simply" crafted by godofredoninja.

WeebHole’s web server runs on a Microsoft Azure VM.


WeebHole articles frequently make use of images from Unsplash, a lovely site with thousands of easily searchable public domain images. WeebHole would like to thank the many excellent photographers for their awesome work and generosity.

Oh, by the way

This is a terrible attempt at a satirical website. We’ve made up 99% of the content on it. Sorry.