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Fact Checked: Are Anime Tiddies Real?

Pictured above: Every weeb’s dream. Credit to luizhtz on DeviantArt.
Welcome to the first edition of “Fact Checked”, where we fact-check popular statements or inquiries made by weeaboos and otakus alike.
First of all, “Are anime tiddies real?”
The short answer is, “No”.
The long answer is that the animated tiddies you see in your hentai stash aren’t in fact associated with any real-life women. In a study done by Weeaboo Holdings Inc., it claims that 0% of Japanese women really have the quadruple-D boobs, despite all of the fantasies you have in the corner of your bedroom every night with that tissue box.
The facts are the facts, and we’ll keep checking them. Stay tuned for more.

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