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BREAKING: Shinzo Abe Only ACTUALLY Resigned Because He “Had Enough Of This Shit”

TOKYO — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has, according to officials, “had enough of this bullshit,” and is going to be resigning as Prime Minister of Japan.
According to other major news sources, Abe had some major health concerns holding him back, but as our investigative team was able to find out, the Prime Minister only actually resigned because he was tired of all the bullshit he received daily from his people.
Quoted, he told his party, the LDP:

“All these people are like, ‘Stop expanding the military’ this and ‘What are you doing about COVID-19’ that, and I’m tired of their shit dude.”
— Shinzo Abe, PM of Japan

There’s no wonder that he’s tired of the job, however. He’s Japan’s longest-serving Prime Minister, serving the country since 2012. However, his decision has lead to massive problems, such as celebration across the country. Oh, and the stock market’s not liking this too, I suppose.

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